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01 /08


We build businesses in emerging technologies that make economic sense.


We believe, in peaceful times, advances in technology improve the quality of human life more than any other other faculty of human effort. Blockchain is bringing transparency and accountability to systems which had been opaque for centuries, Virtual Reality is creating more immersive experiences than we had ever imagined and Artificial Intelligence is recognising patterns where we believed utter chaos prevailed. Technology, for us, is neither chance nor habit, but a conscious choice. Nash Ventures is creating some amazing products and investing into startups working these technologies.

We also believe, in any business, profit is a greatest indicator of the amount of value added by the company or its product in the lives of its customers. Technology applied without an understanding of a customer's ability to pay for the product/service, may often lead to great products but poor businesses.

It is the above understanding of emerging technologies and timeless (and age-old) business wisdom that inspires us to, humbly, strive hard everyday, to build ventures, that help us together as mankind, to move forward.

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We don’t believe genuine businesses need multi-million dollar funds to be built. If you like it lean, we can help you get to profitability in no time.


We believe a talented entrepreneur should only pursue a business opportunity where he/she possesses an unfair advantage. We help you identify business opportunities, where together we've got one.

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We have in-house experts on domains ranging from Algorithmic Trading to Crypto-Legal. We’ve got you covered on your handicaps.


Freedom, ownership, and passion (along with free food and flexible timings) drive the culture at Nash Ventures where a bunch of misfits are trying to shape the future.

We believe there is nothing under the sun that cannot be unravelled by a curious mind and a determined heart. For most of us, no workplace is as half as crazy as our sanest thoughts.

If you love the mix craziness, brilliance, and perfection. we would love to catch-up.

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We’ve also invested in some of the fastest growing startups in Travel, Healthcare and technology industry.


Nikunj Jain

Chief Executive Officer

Nikunj is optimistic, visionary, aggressive and process driven.

Ayush Varshney

Chief Technical Officer

Ayush is realistic, detail-loving, patient and output driven.


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